Our Story

So what is a “Souk” ? A souk or souq is an exotic open air marketplace located throughout the Middle East with merchants selling a variety of wares.

We are a couple of ladies scouring the globe for unique handmade curiosities including home, lighting and accessories from artisans who practice traditional craft in their local villages, home or co-operative organizations following fair trade principles. Whether it is journeying to the ancient villages of Nagada, the Bedouin of Siwa and Sinai, Egypt or other culturally diverse regions we can promise unique products that have a story.

As retailers and wholesalers we based in Perth, Australia and Egypt where we source products from artisans who are as passionate as us about their craft.  Handmade means every piece is individual and any irregularities are part of the charm only this type of production can create.

The Souk Merchant supports local communities through Fair Trade practices where possible so they can prosper and produce traditional items within good working conditions. Through income producing crafts, the women, who are our main producers, can assist in feeding their families and put children through school.  Most importantly it gives them independence and self-worth which is not normally encouraged due to their culture.

We work closely with our craftspeople to ensure there is a high standard of quality and workmanship.  Continuing economic support of their trade leads to the sustainability of local traditions passed down through generations.

We are always sourcing new stock, so check our catalogue regularly for any updates.

Linda & Nina
The Souk Merchants